Baltic Grain Terminal

Baltic Grain Terminal is a specialised terminal located in the Port of Gdynia, offering transhipment and temporary storage of grains, oilseeds and soybean meal. The terminal has access to two berths and its infrastructure enables the handling of cars and wagons.

In the terminal area there are flat warehouses, silos and elevator with a total capacity of up to 72 thousand tons of cargo. Above includes Customs Warehouse, which allows handling of transit cargo.

The terminal is proud of highly qualified staff and owned equipment that ensure its customers in smooth transhipment handling in compliance with HACCP and GMP + B3 standards.

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Baltic Grain Terminal has access to:

Indian Quay

dedicated to handling vessels up to 11.0 m depth and up to 245 m long. It is equipped with the Bühler Portalink-Combi RSH-300 reloading facility, with a loading capacity of up to 7,000 metric tons per day.

Norwegian Quay

designed to handle vessels up to 8.4 m depth and up to 120 m long. It is equipped with the Sangati Berga reloading facility, with a loading capacity of up to 4,000 metric tons per day.

The terminal has a storage capacity of 72 thousand tons, consisting of:


built in 1937 and modernized in 1992, with a capacity of 10 thousand tons

4-chamber flat storage warehouse

built in 2014, with a capacity of 30 thousand

6-chamber flat storage warehouse

with a capacity of 20 thousand tons


built in 1997, with a total capacity of 12 thousand tons

Due to the increasing share of road transport of grain, Baltic Grain Terminal prepared for this purpose 6 landfill and loading stations, both for import and export transshipment.
The implemented sophisticated solutions including a combination of different loading and unloading transshipments, is supported by electronic control of the technology process.

Baltic Grain Terminal is specialized in transshipment of grain with unique handling technology and provides storage of up to a dozen species of cargo.

Jubileusz 80-lecia

11 października 2017 to dzień szczególny w Bałtyckim Terminalu Zbożowym Sp. z o.o. Tego dnia mija 80 lat od chwili oddania do użytku elewatora zbożowego, rozpoczynającego nową kartę w historii dziejów gdyńskiego portu.

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baltycki terminal zbozowy elewator


Bałtycki Terminal Zbożowy Sp. z o.o.
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81-336 Gdynia
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